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Best Teeth Whitening Hacks

With teeth whitening becoming a high demand we wanted to share with you some of the best teeth whitening hacks that will help maintain your pearly white smile. Teeth whitening lightens teeth and helps remove stains and discolouration. We have identified certain foods that stain your teeth.

Food That Stain Your Teeth:

- Coffee: To all the morning coffee drinkers it’s time to change it up, to avoid coffee staining your teeth drink through a straw as it can help prevent having direct contact with your teeth

- Citrus and acidic food: Have you noticed a yellow tint on your teeth. It has been shown that acidic foods (including tomatoes) breakdown your enamel which might expose the yellow hued dentin (naturally found beneath your teeth).

- Sweets and Soda: The sugars on delicious treats latch onto your teeth and become the main source of food for bacteria to survive. Switch out a sweet for a fibrous apple, which can even help whiten your teeth!

- Red Wine: Wine maybe responsible for the grey hues on your teeth you began to notice. The solution, can be as simple as drinking out of a straw and removing the direct contact red wine has.

Stay tuned to hear about foods that help to whiten your teeth!

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