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$392 for or $717 for 16
Large Area Laser Treatments



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Expires March 31, 2023

$392 for 8 Large Area Laser Sessions

$717 for 16 Large Area Laser Sessions

Large Areas: full arms, full face & neck, lower legs (incl. feet), upper legs, abdomen, chest, brazilian, upper back, lower back

Bonus: Any Large Area can also be converted into 3 Small Area Laser Hair Removal Sessions


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Step 1 : Refer your friends/family. Send them this link or message our contact info
Step 2 : Your friends/family purchase a package of 6+ laser sessions each
Step 3 : Email us your friends/family name & phone # who you referred

Step 4 : Each of you receive 1 Free large area session
It's Easy!

Earn Free Large Area Sessions

Earn Free Sessions Now!

Expires March 31, 2023

*Conditions Apply.

Large Area Special

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