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Why It's Important To Wear Sunscreen Everyday!

If you don’t wear sunscreen everyday yet, let us tell you why that should change today.

Many of us think that as we age we begin to see wrinkles and brown spots that are not preventable, but this is false as most of this damage comes directly from the sun. Sun damage can cause your skin to age at a faster rate. Wearing sunscreen daily can save you from years of visible sun damage later on.

Sunscreen everyday has many benefits and we want to talk about a misconception that many people have. Gaining a base tan is not considered a safe tan. Sun damage accumulates and contributes to damage on a cellular level.

Now if you already have sun spots on the face and want to reverse the damage we have a solution for you. Getting a microdermabrasion treatment can help reduce the appearance of sun spots and let you start fresh. After a microdermabrasion treatment you will reduce your sun spots.

Now it is never too late to start wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen is required during all seasons not only in the summer. This is important because many people forget that even in the winter we need to be careful of sun exposure on our skin.

If you have more questions about the importance of sunscreen and our Microdermabrasion services in our Vaughan or Toronto location, we would love to help!

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