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What Is Folliculitis And How To Treat It?

What Is Folliculitis?

Folliculitis is a common infection of the hair follicle that causes inflammation which is most commonly caused by an irritated ingrown hair. This can cause red inflammation on the skin by the trapped hair follicle. It can sometimes go away on its own but may reappear if the follicle gets infected again. Ingrown hairs can occur from waxing or shaving, which causes irritation to the hair follicle. Many people have tried at home remedies or store bought creams to help treat ingrown hairs but it may not always help.

How To Treat Folliculitis?

Laser hair removal helps remove the infected hair follicles by eliminating them altogether. It can help to minimize the effects of folliculitis on hair follicles, although it may not cure it completely it can definitely lessen the severity of it. Laser hair removal over time will reduce the amount of hair growth allowing for no thick hairs protruding onto the skin. This makes it harder for the area to get infected and cause inflammation.

Although laser hair removal can help with this condition it is not a cure as there are other factors that contribute to folliculitis but it has helped many individuals reduce the inflammation. Laser hair removal reduces a large amount of ingrown hairs that can be caused by hair follicles being trapped in the skin. This helps because with laser hair removal you are removing the follicle directly therefore not having hair that could get trapped and become inflamed.

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