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What Is A Muscle Knot?

You have probably constantly heard people around you saying “I have a knot in my back” or “I have so many muscle knots might be from stress”. But what is a muscle knot and how do we treat them.

When we spend most of our day sitting our muscles begin to lose mobility and flexibility. The muscle fibres begin to adhere to each other and cause us to feel a lumpy feeling on our body known as a knot. This muscle knot can cause a centralized in your body to feel uncomfortable and sometimes pain.

Muscle knots although common should not go unnoticed. Many times muscle knots can cause lots of pain and stress on the body. A massage therapist can help relieve you from muscle knots and provide you with take home exercises to try out. The massage therapist can help break up muscle adhesions and release the knot.

To help prevent muscle knots we want to take breaks from sitting all day. Standing up and stretching throughout the day will increase your muscle mobility and not let them get tied up into a knot.

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