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Top 2 Common Questions About Laser Hair Removal Answered

With laser hair removal becoming a hot topic within our society we want you to be informed on how to get smooth hairless skin. We have decided to create the ultimate guide to answer your frequently asked questions (FAQ) about laser hair removal.

1. Is laser hair removal safe?

Yes, the procedure is safe and is performed by professionals that are trained in using the equipment. The laser energy specifically targets the hair follicle to eliminate the hair while the surrounding skin is unharmed. The laser treatments are safe for all skin tones. At Body and Soul Clinic, we use the Soprano XL laser machine.

2. How many treatments will I need for laser hair removal?

The amount of treatments varies on the body area that you are completing and different factors about your health history. We recommend 6-12 laser treatments to see effective results on reducing and eliminating hair.

If you have more questions about our Laser Hair Removal services in our Vaughan or Toronto location, we would love to help! Simply click the link below to connect


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