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Things You Don’t Know About Laser Hair Removal

If you are new to laser hair removal, take time to understand the complete process. Probably you would know numerous things about the process. But certainly, there would be a few factors that you don’t know about the laser hair removal treatment. This post is intending to aware you with all those unknown factors. After getting the information about these factors, you can utilize the optimal benefits with ease:

What kind of skin is the best for laser hair removal?

In most general cases, we observe people think that laser is best for every skin and hair type. But the reality is that it offers the most significant results to people having light or dark coarse hair. This hair removal process targets pigmented tissue and doesn't work perfectly on red, white, blonde or grey hair.

For which areas laser process offer effective results:

Next, most essential and significant thing is for which area one should hire the laser hair removal services. So, the most common areas for laser hair removal are:

• Arms and underarms

• Bikini Area

• Legs

• Face

• Chest and abdomen

• Back

Well, it doesn’t indicate that the laser can’t remove the hair from other parts of the body. Yes, it can remove the hair from other parts of skin too. But in those cases, it takes more time. Also, it is more expensive for larger body areas than for smaller areas

Can it damage internal organs?

There is a myth about the laser hair removal treatment that it can damage the internal organs. However, the laser beam can't move to pass a set limit, let alone heat from the laser. These beams used only for hair removal purpose. These can penetrate up to a quarter mm only into your skin and never reach to the internal organs. This is an extremely safe procedure.

Is it a painful or painless process?

This is the most frequently asked question by the individuals who planned for laser hair removal. They always want to know whether it’s a painless or painful laser treatment. At Body & Soul Clinic we use the Soprano XL for Laser Hair Removal this system is effective for all skin tones. It is a fast, painless, and effective system that will give you good hair reduction.

What happens just after the laser treatment for hair removal?