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Laser Hair Removal On All Skin Types

Whether you are tired of foaming up your entire body to shave every other day or don’t want to see the red ingrown hairs that form after waxing, laser hair removal has paved the way for many people to defuzz themselves for good.

But since the start of laser hair removal there has been an emergence of many questions. Does laser hair removal work only on light skin? Why does hair colour matter? Can your hair be too coarse or too thin?In this blog we will answer all your questions about laser hair removal. So let’s tell you everything you need to know.

Skin Types and Laser Hair Removal

Decades ago, laser hair removal would have been risky for individuals who had darker skin. The disconnect was that the laser hair removal technology did not properly distinguish between skin pigment and hair follicles. Therefore individuals with darker skin had a higher risk of burning.

Thankfully, we have seen advancement in technology allowing laser hair removal to be safe on all skin types. The gold standard machine for laser hair removal is the Soprano XL. It penetrates deeper into the hair follicle, and more quickly which allows it to be more attuned in picking up the hair pigment instead of the skin. The hair follicle responds fairly quickly with this type of laser and as a result the thickness decreases over the sessions.

Hair Pigment

As we discussed laser hair removal is attracted to the colour of your hair. Now we get asked if I have dark coarse hair will laser hair removal work on me? Many people might think that their hair is too coarse for it to work. But that is not true, what matters most with laser hair removal is the colour of your hair.

If you are an individual with dark brown hair then the laser is able to detect the hair pigment and kill the follicle directly. Unfortunately, if you have blonde or grey hair, where there is no pigment then laser hair removal may not be suited for you. With blonde and grey hair there is minimal to no pigment making it difficult for the laser to see the hair follicle. Overall, laser hair removal will actually work best on dark coarse hair compared to blonde or grey hair.

As with most beauty treatments, laser hair removal has already made many breakthroughs allowing individuals to look and feel great. It has allowed millions of people to stop worrying about getting ingrown hairs and making sure they shaved every other day.

If you have more questions about our Laser Hair Removal services in our Vaughan or Toronto location, we would love to help!

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