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5 Ways To Combat Winter Skin

Let set in the winter vibe right now.

A cosy sweater, leggings (yes they are considered pants!) holding a hot tea in one hand and Netflix remote in another. - pure winter bliss.

Your favourite Netflix show is playing and you are snuggled up under a blanket enjoying the warmth inside your house. Can you imagine life getting better?

As much as we love these days relaxing in the house we often forget the toll winter can have on our skin and body.

So if your skin is feeling tight or even a little flaky here are 5 ways to combat your winter skin:

Wise up on good skin foods

1. Remember food that you eat plays a major toll on your skin. Take into account the following rules:

  • Avoid salty foods: it will dehydrate your skin even further

  • Eat omega-3 and more good fats to bring some more oil to your skin

  • Drink plenty of water: hydrated skin is OBSESSED with H2O

2. Switch to body oil

During the winter it is a good idea to step up your moisturizing game. Body lotion is great to hydrate but swapping for body oil will make a difference in those dry winter months. We recommend trying body oil that has macadamia oil. It is the go- to hydrator as it locks in your skin's moisture to support the natural barrier. You might be thinking, use oil? That sounds like a slippery oil mess. But don’t worry, oil absorbs much more quickly and easily into the skin so no sticky or slimy feeling.

3. Remove the outer dry skin layer

Try our microdermabrasion treatment to remove your skin’s outer layer which gets most dry. This will allow you to eliminate your flaky skin and improve your overall skin tone. End the treatment with a hydrating mask and you are set for the dry winter month.

4.Your humidifier will become your new best friend

Make sure you have a humidifier to keep in the moisture at your home and office air, or keep a bowl of water on your heaters to add moisture to the air.

Show your feet and hands some love

5. Love your extremities.

Don’t forget about them during these dry months. Your hands and feet are particularly susceptible to dryness. Your hands are most exposed to the dry air, make sure to have a hand moisturizer handy. At night put on some foot lotion, throw on a pair of socks and go to bed. This will help keep the moisture in.

Unveil your beauty complexion and remove your dry skin by coming in for a microdermabrasion. If you have more questions about our Microdermabrasion services in our Vaughan or Toronto location, we would love to help!

Simply click the link below to connect 👇👇

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