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How To Prepare For Your Laser Hair Removal Session 🌸

You have been waxing all your life and not sure what to do before your first laser session? To start off, you have made the right decision. Laser hair removal is the most effective and cost efficient way to get rid of unwanted hair. You need 6-12 laser hair removal treatments get rid of unwanted hair and we want to make sure you prepare for laser hair removal sessions effectively.

Here is what you need to do to successfully prepare for your laser hair removal session

1. Don’t pluck or wax: The hair follicle needs to be there before your laser hair removal treatment allowing it to be destroyed and prevented from regrowing. We ask you not to pluck or wax up to 3 weeks prior to your appointment.

2. Stay out of the sun 48 hours before and after your laser hair removal treatment

3. Most important preparation is to shave before your laser hair removal appointment: this removes only the hair shaft leaving the hair follicle intact, we want the laser energy to penetrate down to the hair follicle and destroy it.

There you have it, following these 3 steps before laser hair removal will help you to achieve the best laser hair removal results.

If you have more questions about our Laser Hair Removal services in our Vaughan or Toronto location, we would love to help! Simply click the link below to connect 👇👇

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