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Hair Removal For Sensitive Skin - What Works?

If you have sensitive skin, shaving and waxing can cause a real headache. These hair removal methods may lead to rashes, redness, and sensitivity reactions. Laser hair removal, is a gentler, more effective alternative to waxing/shaving/depilatory creams. It is also a much better choice if you have sensitive skin that gets easily irritated. Laser hair removal is safe to do on the full body. Many of our clients at Body & Soul Clinic do treatments on the full legs, bikini area, full face, and many other areas. Laser hair removal is your safe alternative if you have sensitive skin and are tired of rashes, ingrown hair, and irritation.

Lets take a moment to weigh different hair removal methods when it comes to sensitive skin:

1. Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal works by eliminating hair follicles using a concentrated light. It disrupts the hair’s ability to grow, without damaging the skin around it. Laser hair removal works best if you course thick hair. Book your free consultation at Body & Soul Clinic (locations are in Vaughan & North York), to learn if laser hair removal is right for you.

2. Shaving

Using a razor could be quick, but it can be not very pleasant. Shaving rashes, ingrown hairs, and razor burns are just some of the side effects of shaving. Also, many shaving creams are filled with perfumes and chemicals that further irritate your skin

3. Waxing

For waxing, you will need for your hair to first grow out. That means that you cant always have smooth skin. Wax is hot as it pours on your skin, and it can leave your skin scabbed or bruised after the procedure. This is not ideal if you have sensitive skin.

4. Hair removal cream

Hair removal creams also known as depilatories are not as painful when compared to waxing. However, these creams have strong chemicals in them that break down the hair so that you can wipe it off. If you have sensitive skin, you may be more prone to a reaction. So if you do use hair removal creams be careful as you apply them on your skin, and read instructions carefully.

After reading this you should definitely consider doing laser hair removal treatments at Body & Soul Clinic (locations in Vaughan & North York). Laser hair removal treatments are safe on your full body, and on most skin types. Contact us today for your free trial session!

If you have more questions about our Laser Hair Removal services in our Vaughan or Toronto location, we would love to answer! Simply click the link below to connect 👇👇

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