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Laser Hair Removal

“I was referred to Body & Soul by a friend. Initially, I was skeptical about Laser Hair Removal, but the staff clearly explained the process to me. After several treatments, the results were AMAZING. I would definitely recommend Body & Soul. Try their Candies too!”

Susan Parlettem- Thornhill, Ontario


“I have suffered from irritation when shaving for some time and was looking for a way to safely remove hair without pain and irritation. I had looked into Laser Hair treatment and decided to go to Body & Soul after looking at their website. My experience here has been extraordinary. Not only do I not have irritation & am hair-free, but I don’t have to waste money on razors. I regret not going sooner.” 

Nina Copabini- Toronto, Ontario


“Like many Men, one of the things I hated was my back hair. I felt a little embarrassed looking into hair removal techniques, but decided to do so since the summer wasn’t too far away. I had my first consultation with May at Body & Soul and she was very thorough and patient, making sure I understood everything. I am extremely happy with the results. Thank you Body & Soul” 

David Rito- Richmond Hill, Ontario


“I had been trying to get rid of my acne for many years now and tried so many creams and spent thousands of dollars. I was told by a close friend that Laser Treatment had helped her and I decided to try it. I went to Body & Soul who are known to specialize in this area. After my first treatment, I saw a dramatic difference and received compliments from my friends & family that day. I highly recommend Body & Soul. Thank you so much May & Shelley” 

Rita Lo- North York, Ontario


“I hated shaving my underarms/legs with a passion and tried everything from waxing to creams. I went to Body & Soul to receive treatment following a promotion at my gym. The office is very calming and the staff was very professional. After the first session I started to see results and am very happy with the outcome. Thank you for everything.” Submit Your Tesimonial

Anna Lee- Toronto, Ontario


“I found Body & Soul through a local promotion and came in for Acne treatment. The facility and equipment was state-of-the-art. After a couple sessions, I have seen incredible results. Stop using creams, Laser technology is the way of the future. I would recommend Body & Soul.”

Eddie Luttem- Toronto, Ontario


“I have probably tried all those products on infomercials and have been unable to see any improvements. I was reading up on Laser Therapy and how it could be applied to Acne, so I decided to try it. I am so glad I did. Body & Soul provided me with an outstanding experience and most importantly my skin has improved by over 60%. You have to try it. Cheers Body & Soul”

Terri Connel-Toronto, Ontario


“Acne has been a big issue of mine since I was 13. I was sure that it was something I would just have to live with until I attended a Workshop put on by Body & Soul. I bought their Acne treatment package and was unsure of what the outcome would be. Literally after my first two sessions, I could see the difference before my eyes. It was not painful and the staff was great. Thanks!”

Tina Aijun-Toronto, Ontario


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